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From the 2005 Freedom City Police Department's internal training manual, p. 43, in the chapter entitled "Radio Protocol":

- FCPD definition: radio code designating meta-human activity. Upon receipt of a called in code-4, the dispatching officer will contact designated superhero groups or appropriately trained law enforcement. No other officers should attempt to apprehend the code-4 suspect.

- [obsolete usage] The name of a now defunct group of Freedom City superheroes active 1992-2000, disbanded after Black Apollo incident of 12/31/99.


  • the mountainous Boulder, deceased mobster turned concrete powerhouse
  • the Eternal Sentinel, cosmic guardian of an ancient legacy
  • the feline Nine Lives, the undefeatable man
  • the glorious Wave, beautiful mistress of water and wind
  • the awesome Omnibot V, remote-controlled weapon and cybernetic marvel
  • the miraculous Reformer, once voted Freedom City's most eligible meta-bachelor of 2002
  • the all-powerful Neutrino, radioactive master of atomic might
  • and the ever-popular Rubber Band, elastic defender of Freedom City